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From design to completion, building your clients dream home starts here.

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Top Challenges Home Builders Face in 2023 and Beyond

As the construction industry continues to grow and evolve, builders are increasingly facing more and more challenges. With the increased complexity of regulations, the need to use more sophisticated tools and technologies, and the ever-evolving landscape of

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Nail Your Construction Takeoff to Increase Profits and Reduce Waste

A building proposal’s takeoff is an essential phase in the cost estimation process. The items and supplies required for the project, and their quantities, are calculated by vendors, sub-contractors and project managers using the building plans,

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Home Builders Using Excel for Scheduling Templates, A Thing of the Past?

Creating and monitoring a construction project timeline can be difficult for any home builder.  The construction project schedule needs to be 100% accurate with schedule items in the short term, while flexible in the long term for it to be successful.