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The Road Ahead: Top Challenges Home Builders Must Tackle in 2023 an Beyond

As the construction industry continues to grow and evolve, builders are increasingly facing more and more challenges. With the increased complexity of regulations, the need to use more sophisticated tools and technologies, and the ever-evolving landscape of architecture, builders must be prepared to face and overcome these challenges if they are to be successful in the future. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the top challenges that builders will face in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Regulations & Compliance

As regulations and compliance requirements become increasingly complex, builders will need to stay up-to-date on the latest rules and guidelines. This is especially true for large-scale construction projects, which often require multiple permits and a variety of approvals from different government agencies. Not only do builders need to be aware of the latest regulations, they also need to understand how to comply with them, and how to best manage the paperwork and documentation associated with the process.

  1. New Technologies
A 12-ton industrial 3-D printer is used to print concrete for the first 3-D-printed, two-story home currently under construction in Houston, Texas, U.S., January 3, 2023. REUTERS/Evan Garcia

The construction industry is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, and this is only going to continue into the future. From 3D printing and robotics, to virtual reality and augmented reality, builders will need to stay up-to-date on the latest tools and technologies

  1. Sustainability & Green Building
Newly build houses with solar panels attached on the roof against a sunny sky Close up of a new building with black solar panels. Zonnepanelen, Zonne energie, Translation: Solar panel, , Sun Energy.

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, builders are being asked to design and construct more sustainable buildings. This includes reducing energy use, minimizing waste, and using more eco-friendly materials. In addition, builders will need to be aware of the various green building certifications available and how to go about achieving them.

  1. Risk Management

Risk management is an essential part of any large-scale construction project. From dealing with unexpected delays to managing budgets and timelines, builders will need to be able to identify and manage risks in order to ensure successful completion of the project.

  1. Adaptability

The construction industry is constantly changing, and builders will need to be able to adapt to these changes quickly. This could include shifts in regulations, new technologies, and the use of different materials or techniques. Builders will need to be able to quickly learn and adjust to these changes in order to remain competitive.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, builders will need to stay up-to-date on the latest regulations and technologies, as well as be prepared to manage risks and adapt to changes quickly. By doing so, builders will be better prepared to face the challenges

  1. Client Expectations

As construction projects become more complex and technologically advanced, so too do the expectations of clients. Builders need to be able to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations in order to remain competitive. This includes being able to provide timely updates, staying on budget, and delivering a quality product.

  1. Collaboration & Communication

Large-scale construction projects often involve multiple stakeholders, and in order to be successful, builders will need to be able to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Utilizing a central hub as your single source of truth can help keep everyone in sync. (check out the BuilderPad activity feed)

This includes being able to communicate with project managers, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders in order to ensure successful completion of the project.

  1. Quality Control

Quality control is an essential part of any construction project. Builders will need to ensure that all materials used are of the highest quality, and that any work carried out is completed to the highest standards. This includes carrying out regular inspections and tests, as well as ensuring that any materials used are up to code and meet local regulations.

  1. Cost Control

Construction projects can be notoriously expensive, and builders will need to be able to manage costs effectively in order to complete the project on budget.

Using selection management software that allows you to set allowances and tracks in real-time if you are on budget or over/under budget is paramount!

Learn more about selection management from BuilderPad.

  1. Labor

Finally, one of the biggest challenges that builders will face in 2023 and beyond is the need to manage labor. With the increasing complexity of construction projects, builders will need to be able to find and retain qualified labor, as well as manage their workload and ensure that all workers are working safely and efficiently.

Overall, builders are facing a variety of challenges in the years ahead. From regulations and compliance, to new technologies and sustainability, builders will need to be prepared to face and overcome these challenges in order to remain competitive and successful. By staying up-to-date on the latest trends, understanding the regulations and compliance requirements, and being prepared to adapt to changes quickly, builders will be better equipped to handle the challenges of the future.

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson, co-founder of BuilderPad, lives and breathes SaaS and disruption. With a 15-year career journey marked by innovation, he's now channelling his passion into modernizing the home construction industry. Mark loves connecting with builders, understanding their day-to-day hurdles, and uses his tech-savvy brain to transform these challenges into opportunities. He's not just a tech guy, but a listener and problem solver for the hardworking builder community. When he's not diving deep into construction or sharing his wisdom on the blog, Mark's got his eye on the next big tech breakthrough. Join him on his journey as he redefines the industry, one blog post at a time.



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