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Hill Dickerson's passion for creating innovative solutions is the cornerstone of his extensive career in the construction industry. For over two decades, he has served the industry with dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Born with an innate sense of craftsmanship and curiosity, Hill's journey began more than 20 years ago when he stepped foot into the construction world as a humble fireplace installer. His work ethic, problem-solving skills, and keen understanding of the construction process were readily apparent, and they would serve as a bedrock for his future endeavors.


In 2004, understanding the market's need for superior, visually stunning fireplace products, Hill, in partnership with his father, co-founded Dickerson Hearth Products. The shared venture marked an important milestone in his professional journey, where the father-son duo could combine their shared passion for craftsmanship and their collective knowledge of the industry. Under their joint guidance, Dickerson Hearth Products flourished, quickly gaining a reputation for reliability and commitment to quality. The company's success was a tribute not only to Hill's business savvy and hands-on experience but also to the shared family vision of excellence in construction and service to the industry.

Despite the success, Hill never stopped looking for ways to further serve the construction industry. His vision extended beyond physical products to the realm of digital solutions when he recognized an issue affecting the industry – a lack of trust and efficient communication between stakeholders in construction projects.


In 2021, Hill and Mark Thompson, a fellow visionary in the construction space, co-founded BuilderPad. This software solution was born from the belief that technology could bridge the trust and communication gaps often seen in construction projects. BuilderPad aims to streamline construction project management, enhance trust between parties involved, and improve overall communication, all contributing to more successful and efficient project completion.


In 2022, after years of successfully steering Dickerson Hearth Products, Hill made the decision to sell the company, focusing his energies on BuilderPad. He believes that this new venture will profoundly influence the construction industry, providing valuable tools to improve transparency, efficiency, and trust in construction projects.


Hill Dickerson's career reflects an ongoing dedication to the construction industry. From a fireplace installer to a successful entrepreneur, and now a co-founder of a groundbreaking software solution, Hill continues to innovate, inspire and infuse the industry with his vision of a more efficient, transparent, and collaborative construction world.